Lost Kitties Easy Squeezes


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Sometimes discovering kooky characters is just quick and cheesy – er, easy! Squeeze the Mice Can toy and watch as hidden figures ooze out with the shaping compound! A pretty gouda trick, huh? Reload the can with shaping compound and figures over and over for a big reveal that can’t be brie – um, beat!

Some Lost Kitties figures are “pawpular”, while a few are rare (or even super rare)! You never know who you’ll find!

Includes 1 canister with cap, 3 figures, shaping compound, comic strip, and collectors’ sheet.
WHO’Z HIDIN INSIDE? Well, this is a unique hiding place! Which figures pop out when you squeeze the can?
HIDE FIGURES OVER AND OVER: Reload the can with shaping compound – and figures


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