Star Pendulum Wooden Dowsing Board 25cm 100g weight


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A pendulum board is a divination tool that you use in conjunction with a pendulum. Some spiritual practitioners believe these divination tools access the aether, spirit guides, deities, or loved ones who have passed.

Others think divination tools access your subconscious. There have been some intriguing scientific studies done on this, which is incredibly interesting because you could be potentially working with yourself on a deeper level and could be fantastic for shadow work!

Using a pendulum alone will only give you straightforward answers like yes, no, or maybe. However, using a pendulum board alongside the pendulum can add more depth to your divination work with added words, phrases, and numbers.

A pendulum board can assist you in acquiring spiritual direction, connect with your intuition, notice number synchronicities, and energy healing. You can even locate lost items, work towards self-improvement or receive advice from the aether or spirit guides.

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