Toiletry Gift Pack


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Toiletry Gift Pack

Assorted Travel size and sample products with some full size products also


Pack #

1-Cream Bag Face Cloth , Tissues, Imperial Leather Soap, Pure Revere Travel Shampoo/Conditioner

2-Pink Bag Face Cloth, Lux Petal Soap, Ureaka Footcare Cream

3-Green Face Cloth, MOR Snow Gardinia body lotion, 2x Country llife soap, Lowengrip Facial Cleaner,Lowengrip Body Balm

4- Teal Face Cloth, Sippers Mint Lip Gloss, Lowengrip Faceial CLeaner, Lowengrip Body Balm, Natural Evolution Soap

5-Peach Face  Cloth, Country Life soap bar,Beaumont Shampoo,Ecoway Soap.

6- Coffee Tone Face Cloth,Beaumont Soap, Lowengrip Face Cream, Lowengrip Body Balm, Hankerchief.

7- Yellow Face Cloth, Beaumont soap, Cerave Moisturiser Sample, Lowengrip Body Balm, Lowengrip Face Cleanser

8-Red Face Cloth, Avon Walnut Shell Soap Bar, Hand Sanitizer, Lowengrip body balm, Lowengrip Face Cream

9-Coffee Tone Face Cloth, Rimmel Nail Color-Milky Bare, NYX Lip  Liner Pencil-Rose, Hankerchief

10-Peach Face Cloth, Revere Soap, Shower Gel, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Tooth Hygiene Pack, Hankerchief

11-Green Face Cloth,  Hankerchief, Sanitizer, Basic Earth Soap, Revere Shower Gel, Lowengrip Face Cream

12-Navy Face Cloth, Sanitizer, Tooth Hygiene Pack, Shower Gel, Tissues, #305 Soap.

13- Green Face Cloth, Nail color-Forever Fawn, Soap, Imari Sample x2,  Lowengrip Body balm, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Lowengrip Facial Cream

14- Green Face Cloth, Barry M Lipstick #101 Marshmellow, Nail Color-Forever Fawn,

15-White Face Cloth, Shampoo, Conditioner, Sanitizer, Soap, Avon advance Technique Shine Serum Sample

16- Blue Face Cloth, Hankerchief, Avon Advanced Technique Shine Serum sample, Lavanda Soap, Lowengrip Body balm, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Lowengrip Facial Cream

17-Grey Face Cloth, Lux Soap, Sally Hansen Nail Color-Firefly, Sippers Mint Lip Gloss, Jurlique Lip Care, Jurlique Advanced Serum

18-Yellow Face Cloth, Sally Hansen Nail Color-Pink I’ll Sleep in, Soap, Avon Derma- fill sample, Lowengrip Face Cleanser

19-Grey Face Cloth, 4711 Soap Bar, Shampoo, Toothbrush

20-Green Cloth, Soap, Imari Sample vial, Lavender Powder

21-Mauve Bag Face Cloth, Imperial Leather Soap Bar, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Lowengrip Face Cream.

22-Pink Bag Face Cloth, Nail Primer, Lux Soap, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Lowengrip Face Cream

23-White Face Cloth, Lux Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner

24-White Bag Face Cloth,Sanitizer,Soap, Lowengrip Face Cream

25-Navy Face Cloth, Peppermint Soap Bar, Sanitizer, Shower Gel

26-Grey Face Cloth, Soap x2, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Lowengrip Face Cream

27-Brown Face Cloth, Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner

28-Cream Face Cloth, Soap x2, Imari Vial, Avon Anew Sample, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Lowengrip Face Cream

29-Grey Face CLoth, Imari Vial, Sanitizer, Tilly Soap, Lowengrip Face Cleanser, Lowengrip Face Cream

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